Saturday, September 8, 2012

Haul: a long time coming

Hello everybody! I'd like to wish you all a good Saturday. So, as I said yesterday I bring you my haul. It's a bit of MAC and drugstore products. :)
First up... my MAC babies. I just bought four items from their Style Seeker collection. Once I'd heard about the burnished red blush, I knew had to snatch that sucker. I ended up buying:
Ready to Roam Mid-tone true blue red (Limited Edition)
Restless Dark burnt bronze (Limited Edition)
Supercontinental Bright cute coral (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Hidden Treasure Rich burnt red (Velvet) (Limited Edition)
Ready to Roam, Wicked Ways, Restless, Plum Fun
Since Wicked Ways was my only red gloss, I wanted to make sure that Ready to Roam wasn't close to it. Ready to Roam is definitely warmer with red shimmer while Wicked Ways is cooler and has different colored shimmer. When I first saw Restless I was wondering if it would be similar to Plum Fun. While they have the same-ish berry base, Restless has that beautiful bronze shimmer which makes it completely different from Plum Fun.
Supercontinental and Hidden Teasure next to it. Underneath is the pink blush from Forever 21.
The MAC blushes go on so smoothly and nice. At first I was a bit hesitant about Supercontinental since it would appear that it's a little too pale for me. But my MA proved me wrong by putting it on my cheeks, thus giving me a very healthy glow. Hidden Treasure also gives me a pretty glow but I need to be very careful because too many swipes can make me look like a circus reject. The blush from Forever 21 is a pretty pink. Needs to be built up a bit but it's nice and not too powdery. Overall pleased with them. :)
The left side from Comfort Zone, no primer
I used a brush to swatch the colors and only one swipe of color. I'm sure they could be built up but they apply magnificently on the eye. The only color I'm kind of disappointed with is the 'Browbone' color which barely appears on my skin. Still very pretty colors. Though that last one vaguely reminds me of MAC's Family Crest pigment.
Right side plus the purple shadow from Forever 21, again no primer
Again, one swipe using a brush. I've only used the MAC Club dupe and it's so pretty on! The second shade kind of reminds me of MAC Juxt. I'm going to need to post a huge dupe post soon. :P The Forever 21 eyeshadow was a tiny bit powdery but it'd be so beautiful under the Fuschia Fever base from Maybelline. :)
On my index: Hot for Chocolate by Revlon, Middle: Two Cent from Sonia Kashuk, Ring: Deadly Dose by Wet n Wild
Love the first two colors! That's just one swipe, mind you. I was a tad disappointed with Deadly Dose, I was expecting it to be a bit more... antique in color. I used three swipes, so it definitely needed building up. Another thing against it is that the brush's bristles were messed up! Boo for that.
So... that's my haul! I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday. As always, thanks for reading. :D


  1. I love that bronze Sonia Kashuk nail color. I might have to add that to my fall wishlist!


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